Xavier University Health

"Better than World Class is Good Enough"

At Xavier Health, we are inspiring collaboration, leading innovation and making a difference with FDA Officials and Industry Professionals to protect patient safety, increase product confidence, and promote business success.

We believe in:

  • Collaboration – we have over 150 industry and FDA representatives on Xavier Health working groups, teams, committees and boards, all working collaboratively towards increasing the confidence we have in our products, and therefore reducing risk to the patients we serve.
  • Finding True Root Cause – our methodical approach to complex challenges has led to a better understanding of root causes, such that our solutions are true paradigm shifts for the global industry.
  • Purpose-Driven Actions – our initiatives and conferences are driven with the purpose of making a difference.  Through this intense focus, we are able to consistently provide value to the global industry and government regulators.  In fact, we believe that if we can’t make a difference, then it isn’t worth doing.  And when we feel we can make a difference, our motto is “Better than world class is good enough.”
  • Commensurate with the Need – our understanding of root causes, risk and impact reflects forward thinking that constantly seeks the balance of risks and benefits while identifying ways to do everything “Right First Time”.  No one has the time or the resources to repeat failure.
  • Actionable – we believe “Big Ideas” have to be actionable so industry and FDA representatives can implement the learnings we identify together.  Even our conference attendees leave our conferences with action plans developed so they return to work ready for action.

Join us today so together we can make a difference to the future of world health.

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