Please use the menus on our Summit web pages to find complete details about our event. In addition, we’ve included a few frequently asked questions about our organization. If you have any additional questions, please contact Marla Phillips, Director at 513-745-3073 or phillipsm4@xavier.edu.

How do I become a sponsor for the Mission Critical Leadership Summit?

As a sponsor of the Xavier Mission Critical Leadership Summit, your commitment to advancing patient safety comes to the forefront. Join top leaders, industry experts and critical thinkers who network and collaborate at the Xavier Mission Critical Leadership Summit to move the industry forward. Your sponsorship enables Xavier to make a difference across the industry.  Please consider which sponsorship level is appropriate for your organization, and then connect with us to discuss your decision and questions.

Do you have information about your products or services to share? Contact Marla Phillips, Director at 513-745-3073 or phillipsm4@xavier.edu.

How is this event different from other conferences?

There are three key outcomes that we look to deliver through the Mission Critical Leadership Summit:

Inspiring Collaboration…
•Feel the Purpose-Driven nature of this summit as soon as you enter the room.
•Expect orchestrated engagement with your peers across the industry to challenge your leadership development.
•Find attendees openly sharing their experiences to advance the wisdom that would otherwise take you a career to gain.
•Work side-by-side with high performers and thought leaders to deepen your understanding leadership of challenges and opportunities.

Leading Innovation…
•Identify solutions that will protect your patients around the world, your company brand, and your business.
•Talk about the “elephant in the room” to get to the real pain that plagues leaders at all levels.
•Learn what you didn’t know you didn’t know, and walk away with real solutions.
•Hear directly from thought leaders who passionately challenge the status quo.

Making a Difference…
•Work through real working models that can improve your ability to respond to complex situations from a holistic point of view.
•Learn how you can foster robust solutions.
•Understand who your stakeholders are so you can implement meaningful and sustainable change.

Why should I stay at this hotel?

The Cincinnati Hilton Netherland Plaza Hotel continues to be our primary hotel for the Summit because of the high quality service, discounted rates and free amenities provided to our out-of-town guests.  The historic landmark hotel is centrally located in downtown Cincinnati.

What is the relationship between Xavier Health and the FDA?

Xavier Health aligns its work with the highest strategic priorities of the FDA. The relationship has been established by formally co-sponsoring our MedCon and PharmaLink Conferences.  Xavier University is also leading an Integrity of Supply initiative that cuts across Food, Drug and Device, and has formal involvement from FDA .

When/why was Xavier Health established?

Xavier Health was established in 2008 to carry directly into industry the mission of Xavier University which is “Making a Difference.” Xavier Health utilizes the neutral ground of the university to engage industry stakeholders in meaningful dialog on the most important industry challenges in an effort to identify solutions. Xavier Health challenges the status-quo and often shifts paradigms as the issues are addressed head-on.