April 14, 2015

“First Class” Certificate of Graduate Study

“First Class” Certificate of Graduate Study

Earlier this month our first Cohort of Business Success Through QARA Leadership students graduated. The graduation took place at the Cintas Center on Xavier’s campus as twelve students from seven different organizations completed the ten month program and received a Xavier University Certificate of Graduate Study.

Throughout there journey the students viewed online classes taught by FDA and Industry Leaders, completed reflection assignments, participated in Discussion Boards, collaborated with each other during on-campus modules, and took part in one-on-one coaching sessions with the authors of Leadership in Balance: New Habits of the Mind (the cornerstone of the leadership portion of the course). One student described her coaching sessions as an “excellent and amazing experience with my mentor.”

The students were also introduced to several decision making and innovation tools, such as Mind Mapping, Cause & Effect Matrices, Pareto Analysis, and Decision Trees. Many of the students had little or no experience with these concepts and described them as “Great tools for reaching collaborative decisions” and “a nice way to promote collaboration and new ideas.”

These interactions and the knowledge gained by the graduates have truly set them up to be the next generation of CEOs. If you are interested in joining this elite group of Industry Professionals or know of someone who would benefit from this experience visit the Medical Device Leadership Certificate homepage or contact Program Manager, Marla Phillips at phillipsm4@xavier.edu or 513-745-3073.