Bakul Patel

Bakul Patel

Associate Center Director for Digital Health, FDA

Bakul Patel is a digital-health visionary and entrepreneurial leader focused on creating, shaping, and implementing

national and international public health strategies. He has over 28 years of experience in leadership business development, marketing, product management, assessing long and short term needs, establishing objectives, improving organizational performance, and resource management.

Patel is an excellent collaborator, experienced in building effective cross functional teams by establishing and maintaining working relationships with diverse set of internal and external stakeholders. He has strong management, technical and regulatory skills in identifying, analyzing, managing, and solving highly complex issues, policies, procedures, federal regulations, and legislative matters in relation to Food Drug and Cosmetic Act. Patel has a detailed understanding of the regulatory infrastructure needed to balance regulatory requirements with national needs while developing policies and regulations. He has expertise in medical device regulations, product development processes, software engineering, embedded systems, wireless communication systems, and robotics and control systems. Patel holds a Masters in Electronics Engineering, MBA in International Business, Six Sigma, and Black-belt certified.

Events Bakul Patel will be attending:

  • Join FDA and industry experts for quality, regulatory, and supply chain solutions generated through the power of AI.