Scott Thiel

Scott Thiel

Associate Director, Navigant Consulting , Associate Director

Mr. Thiel has over 25 years of Medical Device industry experience, including product development, software and connectivity related to Medical Devices (including interfaces with consumer electronics) as well as  regulatory affairs and compliance, and Quality System experience with U.S. and EU regulations. He assists Anson clients in successfully commercializing wireless, mobile, and networked technologies in compliance with the rules and policies of the FDA and other regulatory agencies. Mr. Thiel participated in the AAMI Technical Committee that developed ANSI/AAMI/IEC 62304.  Mr. Thiel has also completed a lead auditor course for ISO 13485 – Quality Management System specific for medical devices, including software.

As of July 1, 2013, the Anson Group has become part of Navigant Consulting, Inc.  Navigant Consulting, Inc. (NYSE: NCI) is an international firm of advisors and consultants dedicated to assisting counsel and their clients with the accounting, financial, economic, engineering and data/information management aspects of business disputes and litigation. Our litigation services cover the entire spectrum, from discovery management to expert services and settlement administration. We have approximately 2,000 professionals, including Certified Public and Management Accountants, economists, statisticians, financial analysts, healthcare professionals and information management specialists, among others, who are fully devoted to providing counsel and their clients with independent, objective analysis and advice.

Prior to joining Anson in 2011, Mr. Thiel held a leadership position with a major Medical Device manufacturer.

Events Scott Thiel will be attending:

  • Combination Products Registration