Past PharmaLink Presentations

For your convenience the presentations, deliverables, and other materials from past PharmaLink conferences have been loaded onto this page.
Speakers Session Title Presentation
Marla Phillips PharmaLink 2014: Xavier Proposal for CDER Metrics Program Deliverable
Marla Phillips PharmaLink 2014: Leading and Lagging Indicators Deliverable
Marla Phillips PharmaLink 2014: Xavier Health - Integrity of Supply Initiative Deliverable
Russell Wesdyk PharmaLink 2014: Next Steps for the CDER Challenge
Fran Gregory PharmaLink 2014: Business Drivers and Incentivizing Quality
Snehal Srikrishna, Daisy Guha Niyogi, Jack Solomon PharmaLink 2014: Comparing Metrics with Other Companies – Is There a Way? Why is it Vital?
Dinesh Kumar, Emily Leongini, Carolyn Becker, Steve Niedelman PharmaLink 2014: FDASIA: The New Frontier
Jaspreet Gill, Bill Webb PharmaLink 2014: Innovation Versus Safety – CDER’s Restructure
Michael Davidson, Matt Anderson PharmaLink 2014: Complex Supply Chain Development
Dale Carter, Marla A. Phillips PharmaLink 2014: Increasing Supply Chain Reliability – Shifting Paradigms
Mark Birse PharmaLink 2014: MHRA Perspective on Global Supply Chain Challenges
Rick Seibert, Terri Hernan, Rick Saffee, Kathleen Culver, Mark Birse, James Mullen, Laura Parks, David Lowndes PharmaLink 2014: Operationalizing Effective Integrated Supply Chains
Fionnuala Walsh, Dale Huff, Barry Blake, Hedley Rees, Michael Davidson PharmaLink 2014: How Did They Do That? Learn from Other Industries!
Fionnuala Walsh, James Mullen, Jack Kraeutler, Jim Wulfeck PharmaLink 2014: How to Influence Meaningful Change
Kathleen Culver, Mark Birse, Rebeca Rodriguez, Dale Carter, Steve Jenison, Bill Webb PharmaLink 2014: Supplier Partnership Systems that Work
Kathleen Culver, Mark Birse, Dell Moller, Rebeca Rodriguez, Steve Eastham, David Miser PharmaLink 2014: FDA and MHRA Investigator Insights